PAISLEY PARK - The 'Keith' Scarf


 The BEST Accessory for any wardrobe is the Keith Scarf.  Belt it, scarf it, tie it, wrap it, bandana it! 'Keith Richards' is the master of this piece and we freaking love it.

Wear it as a belt, scarf, loose neck tie or big bow.  Head scarf or pony tail hair tie.

This piece is amazing with the Paisley Park collection and a fab addition to any wardrobe.

The Fabric is top quality silk like viscose, made in France, exclusively for JOEY. 

Garment Made in Melbourne, Australia  


Dimensions: Length: 150CM, Width: 12cm.  Double sided.

FABRIC: Satin Viscose - made in France.  So silky and luxurious - you won't be sorry.

CARE: Hand wash in Cold water and Delicate Detergent.  Drip Dry. Warm Iron.

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