G & L Regency Earrings - Deep AUBURN


Here they are....

Hand made from rare Vintage Guilloche Sapphire Enamel with Golden Flower Centre on a 16 carat gold earpost.

Guilloche Enamel is believed to have begun in the 1700’s. It was particularly popular with the Royalty and Aristocracy through to the mid 20th century. In particular, the Jeweller Karl Faberge was renowned for intricate and extensive Guilloche that was used on the backgrounds of transparent enamels to create a gem like glow and optical spectacle.

Gift a friend or yourself with these fabulous Regency Earrings reminiscent of the Golden Age of Jewellery. All pieces come gift boxed and please note this is a rare piece and there will be very few made.


  • Rare Guilloche Enamel
  • 16 Carat Gold Earpost
  • Handmade in Australia

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