G&L FIRE SOUL Earrings


These perfect Vintage Golden Lions are adorned with a Vintage Diamante' Swarovski Black Diamond Jewel Drop. 18 Carat Gold Plated Ear Post.

The earliest historical records of lions in Egypt present an established religious pantheon that included a lioness as one of the most powerful cultural figures, protecting the people and especially, their rulers, as well as being assigned powerful roles in nature. As human groups moved from being isolated clans and tribes to cities, kingdoms, and countries, ancient symbols retained their importance as they assumed new roles and lions have remained as popular symbols through to modern times.

Lions were often used symbolically and may have played significant roles in magic, as deities or close association with deities, and served as intermediaries and clan identities.


  • Handmade in Australia
  • Vintage Golden Lion Earrings
  • Lion as the Spirit of Protector
  • Black Diamond Crystal

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